Picture Grammar: 90 Pictures Teaching Everyday Grammar (3 Ring Binder)

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Classroom Use

Level:  All Levels

Age:  Adults

      These 90 visual lessons teach grammar in an everyday context.  These grammar skills provide a real life frame of references that students have experienced.  The pictures and sometimes fill-in activities model basic conversation, current vocabulary, sentences structure, parts of speech, and usage.  Rather than teaching grammar as a set of abstract rules, Picture Grammar shows how grammar is needed and used for conversation and communication.  These reproducible grammar lessons provide a picture prompt of explanation and an activity on the front page and an instant teacher’s resource guide on the back.  Oral as well as follow-up activities are provided for each lesson as well as methodology and teacher tips.  Picture Grammar is ideal for virtually zero preparation lessons.  The “Pick a Skill” Menu card allows the teacher to choose the skills of interest.  There are no sequence requirements for this product.  Additional teacher material is provided in the back of the binder.

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  • ISBN# 9781586591916

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